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Dr Ken Gillman: Medical Expert Summary

Clinical Neuro-pharmacology: Drug Interactions, Side Effects, Toxicity
This is an introductory note to inform you of my expertise and how I may be able to help you with expert medical pharmacology opinion about drug adverse reactions, drug interactions, drug side-effects and toxicity, for drugs affecting the central nervous system, particularly drugs used in psychiatric practice.I am internationally recognised as an expert on serotonin syndrome, and in neuroleptic malignant syndrome, hyperthermia and drug interactions. I have published many major review papers in this and related areas.I am retired, I no longer engage in clinical practice.I am available at short notice to discuss cases and whether my special expertise may be appropriate to assist. I will offer advice (by phone or e-mail), or rapid response reports and advice. I am willing to give a preliminary opinion about the potential relevance of my special expertise, and guide people, without charge or obligation. I have been engaged in court cases in America, the UK and here in Australia.I do not interview patients for primary medico-legal reports, I offer expert commentary and interpretation on difficult cases and on reports etc. that have already been obtained.You are welcome to pass this information on to any other interested colleagues; indeed, it would be helpful to me if you did.The side menu leads to downloadable PDFs of my Bio, references, fees etc.

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– Dr Ken Gillman

Dr Ken Gillman