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I am Dr Ken Gillman, a psychiatrist and clinical neuro-pharmacologist. My website provides free expert analysis and information about psychotropic drugs, based on my peer reviewed publications. I am the founder of the International MAOI Expert Group , the chairman of its Presiding Council and the senior author of the new MAOI guidelines.



[NEW] Important Announcement & Update

Charity, video, papers, WHO submission

The CYPs* assisting PsychoTropical have been working hard in the last six months to achieve certain key objectives, the main of these being the publication of key papers about MAOIs [see here] in the scientific literature, these being the essential step to the next phase, which is the submission to the World Health Organisation to have these drugs put on the essential medicines list.

*CYPs ‘clever young people’

The first ever guideline for the use of MAOIs

We have just succeeded in publishing the first ever guideline for the use of MAOIs in serious and treatment resistant depression, and this has been co-authored and endorsed by more than 40 other international experts from Europe and North America.  This is a huge achievement, possibly the most significant publication about MAOIs in the last 50 years.

In order to achieve these objectives we need to raise many thousands of dollars to undertake the work necessary to ensure success with the WHO application and associated tasks.  An important part of this announcement is to seek donations to the formally registered charity set up for this purpose. Details on how to do so can be found below.

The short video Dr Gillman has recorded about this is here

The papers supporting this project that have already been published in the peer reviewed scientific literature are here

WHO submission

This is already underway, and Vince is being remunerated for his work on this project. More funding is needed to enable him to continue this work as an external research consultant so that we can meet the deadlines the WHO have set for report submissions (16 December 2022) and for the Expert Committee meeting (24-28 April 2023).

Charity details

As our objectives expanded into the above, we have set up a dedicated charitable trust in parallel with PsychoTropical with a charity bank account (HSBC) through which to receive donations.  The donation process is facilitated through our charity PayPal account for its ease of use and country agnosticism.  You can find our donation page here.  If you wish to kindly make a large donation and would prefer to do so through a direct bank transfer, please reach out to Lila at lila@psychotropical.com, who can provide you with the relevant instructions and bank details.


  • Serotonin Toxicity

    Serotonin Toxicity is poisoning caused by drugs that have serotonin-mediated effects, so-called ‘serotonergic’ agents which can only occur after the ingestion of drugs that substantially increase brain serotonin levels. Click here to visit the Serotonin Toxicity section.

  • MAOIs

    MAOI antidepressant drugs are safe and effective, with levels of side-effects that generally compare favourably with other drugs, and for tranylcypromine (TCP, Parnate) are notably better than most for not causing sexual side-effects or weight gain. Click here to visit the MAOI section.

  • Drug Adverse Reactions & Interactions

    A large proportion of patients do not get an ideal result form the first antidepressant that they are given, and it is frequently necessary to consider alternatives which may involve combinations of drugs. At present the fashion of using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) endures, and, because this family of drugs have a higher chance of interacting with other drugs, drug-drug interaction problems are common and sometimes serious. Click here to visit the Drug Interactions section.



Book.  Treating the Brain: An Odyssey by Barry Blackwell, MD International Network for the History of Neuropsychopharmacology 2020 As a …

These commentaries are based on Dr Gillman’s peer reviewed scientific papers, see Publications,  Abstract Many of the myths concerning MAOI …

These commentaries are based on Dr Gillman’s peer reviewed scientific papers, see Publications,  Introduction This brief commentary summarises the published …

Although this text describing Eric’s story is short, the length and extent of his suffering and distress was considerable.

These commentaries are based on Dr Gillman’s peer reviewed scientific papers, see Publications,  I particularly acknowledge the assistance of Professor …

These commentaries are based on Dr Gillman’s peer reviewed scientific papers, see Publications,  Introduction Full details of the interactions between …


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DR GILLMAN's Research

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MAOI Expert Group

Dr Ken Gillman leads the MAOI Expert Group which has its own private forum, which contains valuable discussion between clinicians and researchers on the usage and research of MAOIs. In addition Dr Gillman consults with many doctors and institutes around the world regarding MAOI usage on the expectation a donation for PsychoTropical is received in return.

If you are a professional then find out more by clicking the button below.

Current Projects

Prescriber’s Guide to Classic MAOIs (Phenelzine, Tranylcypromine, Isocarboxazid) in Treatment-Resistant Depression

A comprehensive guide to Phenelzine (Nardil), Tranylcypromine (Parnate) and Isocarboxazid (Marplan) for prescribers (doctors, psychiatrists, etc…) is being written by PsychoTropical and is within near final drafting stages to soon be published in an academic journal that will be freely available to the public online, which PsychoTropical has ensured as a non-negotiable. The aim of this document is to provide the worldwide medical community an all-in-one document, approved and signed by over 60+ doctors and professors from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Stanford etc… to ultimately provide better treatment of depression using MAOIs, a severely underutilised class of antidepressant drugs often due to lack of education, experience and training and outdated or outright incorrect pharmacological information. This document will be the first of its kind.

Dr Gillman is currently involved with NeuraWell as part of the scientific advisory board and co-founder, a company whose aim is to re-market MAOIs with an extra safety twist. NeuraWell is a clinical-stage research and development company focused on developing safe and effective medicines for the potential treatment of various CNS disorders. These target disorders include a primary focus on major depressive disorder (MDD), treatment-resistant depression (TRD), and treatment-resistant anxiety.

Currently, NeuraWell is in the clinical trial phase of reformulating tranylcypromine (Parnate) in a way which will lessen its side-effects and also increase the margin of safety in relation to tyramine sensitivity. See Disclosure for more information about Dr Gillman’s stake in NeuraWell.


PsychoTropical Courses

Free courses related to PsychoTropical material will soon be hosted on this new website. Courses will comprise of a series of quizzes and links to various aspects of the website as a means of testing knowledge gained from this website. The aim is to provide an additional educational tool for those interested. Specific details on whether PsychoTropical will pursue an ‘official’ certification process etc… is being discussed but the priority is to first release more educational tools.


PsychoTropical Mobile App

An app for both Android and iOS is in the early stages of being developed with these initial goals in mind:

  • Be able to setup notifications to remind users to take medication and take their blood pressure measurements.
  • Be able to save local history of blood pressure over time and view it in bar chart form. Notify user when blood pressure exceeds dangerous levels.
  • Opt-in to send data anonymously to PsychoTropical to cloud-save and be able to contribute to research.
  • Educate new users on how to take blood pressure measurements at home and other educational snippets. 

There are more ideas in mind but these will be the initial goals. Stay tuned for more information.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Dr Gillman is a world-renowned expert on ST and MAOIs. He consults with doctors throughout the world and continues to publish papers on pharmacology and psychiatry, some of which are regarded as seminal in the field (the TCA review has been cited > 600 times).
Since ceasing clinical work, and ‘semi-retiring’, Dr Gillman continues to do theoretical research and write research papers. You can view his Google Scholar profile here, where he has 4000+ citations and a h-index of 28 (as of Jan 2022). That is more than most professors.

PsychoTropical is a knowledge and education resource started by Dr Gillman about 20 years ago. It is neither connected with, nor influenced by, any financial backing or interest group of any sort. The opinions expressed relate to Dr Gillman’s special knowledge and expertise as a recognised world-expert in MAOIs and serotonin toxicity.

Voluntary donations are invited from those able to afford it, and these recognise the value of Dr Gillman’s advice and expertise and assist with IT and website expenses, which include hardware, hosting, software, paying part time assistant(s), social media and the YouTube channel.
Skype (or VoIP) talks with Dr Gillman are in no way conditional on having made a donation.

This website is intended to be for education purposes. It serves no ads throughout the website and Dr Gillman does not make any money off PsychoTropical. Donations are reinvested into prolonging the life of the website through ongoing hardware (i.e hosting the website) and software costs (i.e subscription fees) as well as paying assistants part time to manage the website, social media and YouTube channel.

Donations are considered optional, even consultations with Dr Gillman through Skype do not incur a mandatory fee, but an optional donation will be asked at the end of the consultation. We ask that if you are in the fortunate position to be able to donate and/or have found the information of PsychoTropical useful to consider a donation to prolong the maintenance and updates of this website.

Dr Gillman suggests the vast majority of patients receive a response from Parnate at 30mg-50mg. You can read more at Parnate Starting Dosage.

Discussion of obtaining prescription medication such as MAOIs without a prescription is not allowed on PsychoTropical, in particular the Public forums. It is explicitly listed as a rule. This also means you are not to request someone else to ship any supply of prescription medication whether it be legitimately or illegitmately obtained to yourself.

We hope that PsychoTropical serves as a resource for doctors to encourage them to prescribe MAOIs. You can access a PDF letter addressed to doctors specifically requesting to be prescribed a MAOI here.

You can visit the Forum post here which is updated regularly to view the details of professionals who can prescribe MAOIs. They have all explicitly opted in to being listed on this list 

Dr Gillman is retired and therefore not legally allowed to prescribe medication. Please refer to this forum post about where to find a professional who can prescribe you a MAOI in your area. 

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