Access to MAOIs when not available in your country

This information should not be taken to suggest or endorse the advisability of people obtaining and taking drugs without adequate medical advice and supervision. Wherever possible, people should seek appropriately qualified and expert advice and supervision of all medical treatment. Due to discrepancies in various national legislations, it may be illegal in your country to import drugs from abroad, even with a valid prescription—the onus is on the individual to ascertain the (il)legality of any steps you undertake in this regard.

In many jurisdictions, for instance the UK, the cost of these drugs has become excessive for uncertain reasons — like ÂŁ450 a packet for 28 x 10mg. It is difficult to explain this except as the result of some kind of price gouging or corruption of the system.

Therefore, many people can only access these drugs if they obtain them from alternative sources, such as below.

PsychoTropical has no commercial interest in sharing this information.

Trivon is the officially approved and distributed version of tranylcypromine in India; it is manufactured by Intas and has been officially available in India for several years. We have received reports of satisfactory delivery by Newlife Medicare Private Limited who supply this; they offer Trivon tranylcypromine at a rate of ~USD 2.50 per 10 tablet strip, and Intas manufactures them in boxes of 100 tablets. Shipping is generally reasonable compared to other Indian generic suppliers. They quote you in USD but accept payment in INR, which is done through at the exchange rate of the day.