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Dr Ken Gillman, Director & Principal Researcher at PsychoTropical Research.  

Chairman, Presiding Council, International MAOI Expert Group


Dr Gillman is an internationally renowned researcher and consultant with various demands on his limited retirement time: he has dedicated his career to helping people suffering from depression, especially those seeking information on the use of MAOIs.  However, due to demand and the limited time, the hours he can make available are restricted.  If you wish to contact him for advice abide by these instructions.

Communications that do not follow these directions, or that are disrespectful, inappropriate, or demanding, will lead to contacts being blocked

Send (brief background) information about drug treatment via email, ken.psychotropical@gmail.com with the e-mail subject heading ‘Pre-call information’ and identified with name, age, and location.

Once you have done that you can then ring me during consultation hours as below.

Email replies will generally be brief.  Most enquiries are more complex and require discussion via zoom/Skype, as below — a donation is usually expected prior to a call.

Any subsequent communications should be via email because messages left on Skype and similar platforms are likely to get lost or overlooked, unless they are sent during a call.

The only times when I may be available are AEST=UTC+10. 

Monday 10 am –12 noon, Wednesday 10 am –12 noon, Thursday 5.30 pm –6.30 pm, Friday 9.30 am – 12 noon.

Local time is displayed here https://www.psychotropical.com/contact-dr-gillman/


 ‘Pre-call’ Checklist

  • Make sure you have looked at the relevant sections on my website /videos.
  • Be clear in your mind as to exactly what you want to ask me and understand that, generally, I can only address specific questions about drugs and pharmacology.
  • Prepare a list of the drugs (and maximum doses) you are taking, as well as those you have taken in the past, using the real names (not ‘trade’ names). 
  • A donation is expected prior to a call, unless you are financially disadvantaged.
  • Whatever information you receive from me, and what you may wish to do because of it, may be discussed and agreed with the responsible prescriber of your medication (who is invited to contact me if they wish).

Make sure you have Skype Desktop downloaded, which you can find here: https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

Current local time in Mackay, Queensland, Australia

The only times when I maybe available are AEST=UTC+10.
Please only Skype me on:  Monday 10 am –12 noon 
Wednesday 10 am –12 noon
Thursday 5.30 pm –6.30 pm
Friday 9.30 am – 12 noon

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– Dr Ken Gillman

Dr Ken Gillman