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I am Dr Ken Gillman, a psychiatrist and clinical neuro-pharmacologist. My website provides free expert analysis and information about psychotropic drugs, based on my peer reviewed publications. I am the founder of the International MAOI Expert Group , the chairman of its Presiding Council and the senior author of the new MAOI guidelines.



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  • Serotonin Toxicity

    Serotonin Toxicity is poisoning caused by drugs that have serotonin-mediated effects, so-called ‘serotonergic’ agents which can only occur after the ingestion of drugs that substantially increase brain serotonin levels. Click here to visit the Serotonin Toxicity section.

  • MAOIs

    MAOI antidepressant drugs are safe and effective, with levels of side-effects that generally compare favourably with other drugs, and for tranylcypromine (TCP, Parnate) are notably better than most for not causing sexual side-effects or weight gain. Click here to visit the MAOI section.

  • Drug Adverse Reactions & Interactions

    A large proportion of patients do not get an ideal result form the first antidepressant that they are given, and it is frequently necessary to consider alternatives which may involve combinations of drugs. At present the fashion of using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) endures, and, because this family of drugs have a higher chance of interacting with other drugs, drug-drug interaction problems are common and sometimes serious. Click here to visit the Drug Interactions section.

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