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This website is intended to be for education purposes. It serves no ads throughout the website and Dr Gillman does not receive any money through PsychoTropical, except by your individual donations. These recognize the help Dr Gillman gives and pay the running costs of the website and associated expenses hardware, hosting, software costs etc.

Donations are optional (that is what the word means), talks with Dr Gillman through Skype do not incur a fee, those who are able may choose to give a donation. If you are interested in consultations with Dr Gillman refer to the page ‘Contact Dr Gillman’.

For those who are not financial, remember, your action as an individual, by spreading the word via social media etc.(including the share buttons below), is as valuable, and will do much to promote the site, thereby helping others by making it easier for them to find quality information.

A separate registered charity has now (May 2022) been set up solely to fund the WHO project—that is separate from the PsychoTropical website costs; see the information here detailing the aims and associated costs of that ambitious project to further the MAOI cause.

Dr Ken Gillman

Dr Ken Gillman, MD
Director of PsychoTropical Research

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