[NEW] Ordering TCP from India

We have had good experience with Newlife Medicare Private Limited*** who supply Trivon, a reputable generic Tranylcypromine manufactured by Intas.  (has been officially available in India for several years).


Newlife Medicare Private Limited – Offering Trivon Tranylcypromine Tablet, Prescription, Treatment: Anti Depressent at Rs 180/strip in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Also find Tranylcypromine Tablet price list | ID: 26219311062

🔗 https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/trivon-tranylcypromine-tablet-26219311062.html

Their rate is ~USD 2.50 per 10 tablet strip and Intas manufactures them in boxes of 100 tablets (our recommended quantity multiple). Shipping is generally reasonable compared to other Indian generic suppliers, hence, why they’ve become our preferred supplier, and was USD 24 for a previous transaction of 2x10x10 strips (200 tablets) of Trivon. They quote you in USD but accept payment in INR which is done through Wise.com at the exchange rate of the day.

Tell them to provide the Trivon in the original boxes (like in their photo) for the sake of the clear display of the product particulars (e.g., emergencies, travelling through customs, if you were admitted to hospital etc.), in addition to for your own storage.


Purchasing is relatively straightforward and is done through IndiaMART using the built-in chat feature:

Create an IndiaMART account

Create a Wise.com account and do the respective identity verification which can be achieved by following the prompts and having a smartphone with you

Click the IndiaMART link above for the Trivon listing and then click ‘Get Latest Price’

You can leave the mobile number blank for privacy’s sake, it’s not essential, and click submit

Enter your quantity as number of boxes

In the requirement box say how many boxes of 10×10 tablets you are interested in, including shipping to the UK. Mention here that you require them in the original Intas manufacturer’s boxes.

Leave any other fields blank and submit

Wait for a response and you can continue the chat exchanges

When they quote you ask for how much is required in INR (Indian Rupees) — INR 100 = $AU 1.8, Euro 1.1, GBP 0.95

Follow their steps for how to make your payment on Wise.com

We can attest to this supplier being genuine and Trivon being a credible generic product.

Other drugs are also available.

*** Newlife Medicare Private Limited, Rohit Lakhani; Upperground Floor, Office Block No.23,, Shriram Shyam Tower, S.v. Patel Marg,kingsway,civil Lines, Nagpur – 440001, Maharashtra, India  https://www.newlifemedex.com

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